Application Database todo updated and open call for new developers

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Thu Jan 4 14:08:01 CST 2007

I've updated the Application Database todo and sorted the list
according to each item's difficulty. You can find the todo list at   This list is by no means complete
so if you have an idea for a new entry feel free to email it to the
AppDB mailing list at appdb at or just update the wiki page.

I also wanted ask that people interested in hacking on the AppDB take
a look at the todo list if they might be interested in getting
involved with AppDB development. The php code that runs the AppDB is
available from the winehq cvs server and I'm available to mentor
anyone interested in getting started hacking on the code.

We've had some new developers and I wanted to thank Alexander Sørnes
for his recent contributions to improve several areas of the AppDB
that users see most. And of course thanks to all of the other
contributors that have helped to develop the AppDB and the AppDB
administrators that process all of the new submissions that come in
each day.


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