rpc issues

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Fri Jan 5 11:34:26 CST 2007

Matthew Edlefsen wrote:
> When using RpcServerUseProtseq on Windows, according to msdn,  "the 
> port number is dynamically determined by the RPC run time, depending 
> on availability and registry settings."  If that's the case how does 
> the client know what port to connect to?  Since I'm using 
> RpcServerUseProtSeqEp instead on Linux would that change things?  I'll 
> try specifying  the port in the client and seeing if that works.

It uses the endpoint mapper.

BTW, if you are trying to get an RPC server working in Wine that uses 
RpcServerUseProtseq (instead of RpcServerUseProtseqEp) with a client on 
a different computer, it won't work since our endpoint mapper is only 
available locally.

Rob Shearman

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