configure: add ncursesw detecting [try 2]

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Jan 9 01:18:34 CST 2007

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> wrote:

> "Vitaly Lipatov" <lav at> wrote:
>> Dmitry, as I already post in this thread, we have test program which does not 
>> print correctly ever in UTF-8 locale.
>> Usual ncurses works in 8-bit locales like koi8-r correctly, but we can't 
>> output in utf8 locale.
> According to ncurses does
> support UTF-8, probably you need to update to a newer version.

Actually ncurses-5.6/README states:

"If you configure using the --enable-widec option, a "w" is appended to the
library names (e.g., libncursesw.a), and the resulting libraries support
wide-characters, e.g., via a UTF-8 locale.  The corresponding header files
are compatible with the non-wide-character configuration; wide-character
features are provided by ifdef's in the header files.  The wide-character
library interfaces are not binary-compatible with the non-wide-character

So, you are right Vitaly, "normal" ncurses library doesn't support UTF-8,
they have invented libncursesw instead of adding a proper UTF-8 support.
But looks like all they redefine all existing APIs to 'w' versions. so
you don't need to call 'w' versions such as wget_wch directly, get_wch
will be redefined to wget_wch instead.


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