Details: Wine Developers Wanted for Commercial Open Source project - Wine on Cygwin and Windows

Chetan Venkatesh chetan.venkatesh at
Wed Jan 10 03:29:35 CST 2007

I got  a lot of people asking me to post details about our intended project.

Basically, what we are trying to do is run native Windows applications on a
remote X desktop; we feel that the best way to do this would be to use wine
as a base to develop a Windows to X translator/mapping, and then export the
X calls over the network. It looks like wine should already implement much
of the needed functionality in order to run Windows applications on Linux,
so a windows port of the display code tied into an Xserver seems to make the
most sense as a way forward.

We're looking at contracting a development team to work on this with an
estimated time to completion of 3 months, and are comfortable with an open
source development model. The finished product will of course be released
under the GPL.

Feedback on this idea is welcome.  Interested developers/organizations can
contact me at chetan.venkatesh at

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