Howdy! Newbie with keyboard patches.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Jan 22 22:45:37 CST 2007

"Peter Seebach" <seebs at> wrote:

> Hi!  I'm new to Wine, but not a total newbie at C.  I have a very
> specific interest:  I would like Wine to support more keys.
> Background:  Windows has support for no fewer than 24 function keys;
> in fact, possibly, as many as 32.  However, right now, Wine only supports
> 16 of them.  It is insanely trivial to patch Wine to support 24 function
> keys by plugging new values into nonchar_key_vkey and nonchar_key_scan.
> It is not much harder to support 32 at least partially; some sites
> claim that vkey values 0x88-0x8F are intended to be used as F25-F32,
> but there are no corresponding codes.  Well, okay; it's not unheard of for
> a key to have a vkey value but no corresponding scan code.
> I have diffs for this.  It works.

Please send this part of your work to wine-patches, it looks good and
completely acceptable.

> There's just one TINY little problem.  Many Windows games have no support
> for these keys!  NOOOOO!

We can do nothing about that. Under Windows that games won't start magically
recognize unsupported keys and work either.

> I have implemented and tested a patch which is almost certainly unsuitable
> for production, but which is very convenient to me; it is this patch I
> enclose.  This patch replaces F13-F24 with "control-alt-F1" through
> "control-alt-F12", and F25-F32 control-alt-shift-F1 through F8.

If this is not how Windows handles those keys then that's obviously a
not acceptable solution for Wine.


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