Parallels Wine DLLs

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Jul 3 04:00:40 CDT 2007

Hi All!

I need your help with testing here: You may have noticed the buzz about Wine 
DLLs in Parallels Desktop for Mac last weekend. Yesterday Parallels has sent 
me their modified Wine source, or at least what they claim to be.
( Can those with a 
Parallels for Mac license test the rebuilt binaries?

The thing is, the modifications in the source does not match the Integration 
into Windows I have seen in the original Parallels distribution. I don't 
think thats a malicious attempt to hide something, but rather that they sent 
us their current development version instead of the Parallels 3.0 version. 
The new libs do not link dynamically any more against their opengl icd, 
instead they do lazy linking, which makes compiling the libs easier. Also I 
think in the old version, the app still talked to microsoft's DLLs, which 
passed everything through to our dlls. In the source, the apps talk to our 
dlls, which have an option to pass things through to the original DLLs. I 
have so far no reason to believe that there are any other changes between the 
source and the original builds, but I want to be sure.
Yes, its technically still a LGPL violation, but IMHO not a huge deal(as 
compared to not giving the source out at all).

Since we can't look into the original shipped DLLs, we'll have to test if the 
source code works as well as the original DLLs. Steven Edwards has compiled 
them, and I've uploaded the binaries to As a first note, he compiled 
them using mingw, not using MSVC, so that may cause problems.

If I understand the code correctly, installation should work as follows: 
(Perhaps don't test in a production VM, test in a seperate test VM). Rename 
the existing C:\windows\system32\d3d8.dll to d3d8.sav, same for d3d8.dll and 
d3d9.dll and ddrawex.dll and wined3d.dll(no backup needed here). Then put the 
DLLs from the archive above into C:\windows\system32, perhaps reboot(to be 
sure) and test your games. I saw that ddraw.dll did not build, so perhaps 
someone with Microsoft Visual Studio can try to rebuild the DLLs?

What to look for? Do the D3D games work at all? Do some games stop to work 
although they worked before? Do some games work although they didn't work 

Thanks for testing,

PS: I hope there is someone with a Parallels license on this list :-/

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