Direct3D Game test framework

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Jul 5 08:38:21 CDT 2007

> * Ability to regularly benchmark certain parts of game (and thus Wine,
> which is involved) in clean environment and submit raw data results to
> server
> * On the server, process submitted data and present them via web in user
> friendly form; support for pointing to regressions (and finding regression
> patches) would be nice
> Did I miss some important aspect? Feel free to comment.
Yes, thats essentially what we need. I've been setting up a quick and dirty 
test site myself, with a few lines of php and gnuplot:

The whole setup is highly inflexible, doesn't contain any real test data yet, 
just quick and dirty(~100 lines of php and ~70 lines of gnuplot script).

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