DungeonSiege works!

Robert Hurst r_hurst at microwavesoft.com
Sun Jul 8 13:57:48 CDT 2007

Finally running at full speed, see my post at

But there is only 1 little 'cleanup' that would make this game perfect...
its mouse pointer is clean, but the square it occupies is generally filled
with a corrupted texture.  I own two copies of the game, the original 1.0
and the latest Legends of Arianna 1.11 version.  I can send a NOCD copy of
it to a d3d developer, for debugging purposes, if that helps any.  Send
instructions, and it shall be done.

Not as important as the mouse pointer, but the loading and saving of
sessions is horribly slow, though improved as of 0.9.39.  I wonder why?

Thanks for 'resurrecting' a lot of abandoned Windows software for the

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