working on urlmon HttpProtocol implementation

Misha Koshelev mk144210 at
Sun Jul 8 16:47:30 CDT 2007

Just wanted to let y'all know (so hopefully I'm not duplicating any
effort) I'm working on an HttpProtocol implementation for urlmon (Vector
NTI has a bug that requires POST to work for url monikers, and I don't
want to submit patches to a function that has _hack at the end of
it :) ).

Right now I have an implementation that conforms to Jacek's somewhat
extensive tests already in dlls/urlmon/tests/protocol.c and also has the
same error functionality as native per my tests (I would change wininet
functions that native calls to return NULL and see what native urlmon
returns). Now I will try out some other flags (Jacek's tests are very
extensive, but only test ASYNC with PULLDATA etc.) to see what else I
need to do.

Anyway, hopefully I'll submit some patches within a week or a few.


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