Direct3D Game test framework

martin pilka mpilka at
Tue Jul 10 19:21:23 CDT 2007

Hello Dan!

> I'm sure there will always be some tests that are
> better written directly in CxTest, but I'm going to
> try to push yawt forward, too.  With
> luck we'll have the two test systems working
> well together in a month or two.

YAWT looks interesting, I also had a look to AutoHotKey, and its language
seems to solve some of the problems we have with CxTest scripts (double click,
better support for menus, better conditioning). It also introduces hard
dependency on Windows and Wine (CxTest can test also X11 apps), which is
problematic in case of i.e. CrossOver installation (X11 based app).

We try to write some tests in YAWT and see how it works. Regarding Direct3D
testing framework, we try both YAWT and CxTest and use whatever is easier to
use for that purpose. Important thing is that Stefan does not create new
server side (PHP code and some things around), we should just extend current
implementation with ability to generate 2D graphs, then we have everything in
one place (Wine make test results, Direct3d performance results) instead of
several web pages with pieces of information.


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