wine's argv[0] and current directory

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Sun Jul 22 13:32:09 CDT 2007

On 21.07.2007 22:44, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> If a double-click starts an app in Windows, it should do the same in
> wine, and the semantics of a double-click on Windows seem to be "start
> this app in the file browser's current directory".
> Now if wine cannot tell a true unix path from a windows unix path,
> then we either need a separate process to be called on a double-click
> that can translate argv[0] and chdir() before exec()ing wine, or a
> command-line switch/environment variable to tell wine it was started
> by a double-click and it should translate argv[0] and
> SetCurrentDirectory() appropriately.

Note that "double-click behaviour" is up to the application that
actually receives the double click and invokes wine (a file manager,
presumably), and not wine itself. So when 'wine' should be started with
a certain current directory, you need to fix the app that starts wine to
change to the right directory.

Perhaps create something like a wrapper script that pulls the
application's directory, converts that to a Windows path, and invokes
"start" with that directory as the "Starting directory" parameter. That
should nicely handle your problem of wine being executed in some other
directory after a double-click in your application, as well as the CD
media change prohibited by a "cd" (assuming, since the directory change
happens in Wine, unmounting isn't prevented).


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