Bug introduced in ws2_32.dll.so in version 0.9.39

Christian Pradelli c_pradelli at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 07:50:40 CDT 2007

> Remember, Wine is still beta software. Releases are snapshots. Unless we 
> have
> a declared stable release there is no point in providing unstable updates 
> for
> old unstable releases.
> Of course anyone is free to maintain a few older wine versions, for the
> reasons stating above, and he is welcome to do so. However, I don't think 
> we
> should spoil any existing resources on that.

I agree with you about fixing older snapshots.
Somebody is this forum says that is possible that wine never comes to be 
finished. If you think for a moment, also MSWindows never was finished, 
always has bugs to fix, but developers learned to live with them and fix the 
applications to works with that bugs.
I did several changes to my application to be compatible with wine, but if 
every time a new snapshot is released something is broken I can't support my 
application to be "compatible with Wine".
May be we can vote to chose the best working snapshot as manteined where 
only critical bugfixes can be applied, so linux distributions can use it as 
supported and software developers can use it too as reference to release 
they software as "compatible with Wine".
Also you can tell your customers to download "maintained version of wine" 
from winehq.org and be shure that your application will work.
This maintained snapshot could be released every 6 month with a good 
regretion tests.

Of course you will say that Codeweavers already do that, but due to the 
price it's limited to expensive commercial applications, not for the small 
or simple ones that costs less than crossoveroffice.


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