cmd:Ru:Update Russian translation.[try2][fixed]

Anatoly Lyutin vostok at
Thu Jun 7 06:24:42 CDT 2007

Kirill K. Smirnov wrote:
Hi All!=)
Thank you very much for discussions!It has helped me to make this patch 
>> +  WCMD_YES, "Д"
>> +  WCMD_NO, "Н"
> Answers to "Yes/No" question should not be translated, should they? "All" too.
I think that should translate this answers because in some languages 
such as Norwegian,German and Korean it was translated.
I really doesn`t understand why in Russian language this answers should 
not to be translated.
>> +  WCMD_NOASSOC, "Файл, ассоциированный с расширением %s,отсутствует\n"
> This phrase does not sound Russian. "Отсутствует сопоставление для 
> расширения %s" will be better.
Hmm, I think that I has found phrase better.
> and so on...
> --
> Kirill
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Best regards
	Anatoly Lyutin.

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