NULL ptr dereferences found with Calysto static checker

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jun 20 17:05:33 CDT 2007

Domagoj wrote:
> I've ran my static checker Calysto on Wine v0.9.35 and got
> 78 bug reports:...
> If you are interested in the reports, please:
> 1) read
> 2) if the conditions are acceptable, let me know where to
> send the reports.

The conditions look very minimal, we should be fine
with them.  A check once a month should be fine.
Just send the results to wine-devel at
(There's some chance we'll ask you to switch to sending
them somewhere else, but that will do initially.)
For the moment just put the link in the
mail.  Once it's clear the results are useful, somebody
will link to calysto at least from our wiki.

Say, whatever happened to Coverity's scans of Wine?  I just logged
in to the Wine results at, and the last
scan seems to have been last July.  Did they set up a new, private
site for us?  Paul V., do you know?
- Dan

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