Making the wiki FAQ live

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Jun 21 17:39:30 CDT 2007

So, about a month ago we discussed the idea of replacing the
documentation FAQ with one based in the wiki.  Nothing was done, but the
general consensus seemed to be to wait and see if the wiki approach
worked out better.

Since that time, the Wiki FAQ has been updated by 7 people other than
myself.  We've removed most of the cruft, and taken the FAQ from an
unhelpful mess to something a user actually should read.  Meanwhile, the
original FAQ has been unchanged.

It's not done, but I think it's time to take it live and make the wiki
FAQ our official FAQ, and then remove the old one from the documentation
build.  Based on the past month alone, I think it's fairly safe to say
that it's easier to maintain, update, and keep relevant this way.

I've already sent a patch for lostwages to wine-devel.

Scott Ritchie

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