AppDB performance issue

Nick Law nlaw at
Sun Mar 4 20:27:11 CST 2007

Tony Lambregts wrote:
> Nick Law wrote:
>> I still find appdb really slow 60 seconds to view some pages, post on
>> the forums etc.... It's driving me nuts to the point I've gone back to
>> real life for a while as it's less frustrating. BTW this problems exists
>> on systems separated by over 100 miles (but same login account) so it
>> not hardware at my end.
>> I'll check back now and again to see if it's fixed.
>> Apart from that, keep up the good work devs, wine's functionality is
>> improving all the time but appdb needs fixing.
>> Cheers
>> Nick
> I only seem to have this problem when I am logged in. When I am not logged in it
> seems that there is no lag at all. I tried to do some administration and just
> logging in took 2 minutes. I was able to confirm a bunch of bug links and things
> were fine for most of them but about every 10th bug link I confirmed it would
> just seem to hang for a minute or two. I then tried to confirm some application
> submissions and every time it took at least 3 minutes to process.
> When I am logged in I frequently will get lags of a minute or two just viewing
> apps. This does not happen all the time and I have not found any reason why it
> should slow down at all. Visiting the same page at the same time with a not
> logged in account shows no slow down.
> --
> Tony Lambregts
Hi Tony,

That's absolutely 100% exactly the same symptoms I get. It only appears 
to be a problem if I login. It appears to be getting worse as the weeks 
progress, I'm sure when this started happening it was only about a 
minute or less delay, now like you say it is 3 minutes. It's most 
annoying for me when I login to reply to posts on the forum. I get the 
feeling that not everybody suffers from this as much as we do, otherwise 
we'd see many more posts about the subject ?

BTW the following procedure was done on a OpenSuse 9.3 system with 
Firefox & Opera browsers.
One other thing I noticed if I login (using Firefox), reply to a message 
on the forum then after pressing submit it just sits there, I then open 
up opera but don't login just view the posts, my post is there and yet 
Firefox is still hanging there waiting for a page update which 3 minutes 
later it gets. So basically my post gets added to the database pretty 
quick it's the page update that is delayed. Don't know if that makes any 
sense ?


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