Current wine and HL2 family - well done!

Pavel Troller patrol at
Sun Mar 4 23:56:50 CST 2007

> > without an annoying graphics glitch causing parts of
> skies to be
> > replaced with some bogus contents like white, black,
> mirrors of a part of
> > ground etc.
> Are you finding no errors at all?  In Counter-Strike:
> Source, when running in anything above DX7 mode, on
> the map "de_aztec", the screen is often completely
> black - it appears to be when looking at water.
  We just tried it and we can't reproduce your problem. We were even going
in the water itself and the display was smooth and without any distortion.
We set the DX9 mode in the game command line (parameter -dxlevel 90).
     With regards, Pavel Troller

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