Regression in Lotus Notes R5 between wine-0.9.27 and wine-0.9.28

Pedro Araujo Chaves Jr. inckie at
Tue Mar 6 05:44:07 CST 2007

Hi all,

There's been a regression in printing in Lotus Notes R5 somewhere between
wine-0.9.27 and wine-0.9.28: it seems that the presence of an inline picture
(in this case, a logo) in the mail stationery prevents all text (including
header text) from being printed.

Odd as it may seem, my regression testing pointed commit
21635133fb271405fefd6bce3078cf971e84c426 as the cause. I positioned my tree
just before it, and the mail printed okay; I applied it, the mail came out
blank again.

As I still couldn't see any direct relation between the said commit and this
issue, I'm posting here in the hope someone would be able to figure out
what's going on. If that's the case, then, I'll file a bug report and upload
a database containing a message with one of these problematic stationeries.


- Pedro.
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