DirectX 10 start as a SoC project?

Michael [Plouj] Ploujnikov ploujj at
Sat Mar 10 13:19:07 CST 2007

On 3/10/07, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg231 at> wrote:
> > Opinions? Suggestions?
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> Sounds too easy...if it included something like "HLSL compiler", that
> would be another story.

I am a computer science student in the 4th year. Stefan's project idea
seems like something that I can actually try manage to accomplish in
the SoC time range provided I get a decent amount of mentoring. I say
this because I do not have much programming experience, especially
with something as monstrous as Wine. I have never written my own
compiler nor had to look at the internals of one. All I have is good
knowledge of C, a strong desire contribute to Free Software, desire to
learn, and a special interest in the Wine project. In other words, I
don't think this would be "too easy" for me. It will be a good
learning experience, however.

> Also, you have to have a well-defined project to set completion criteria.
> "starting the infrastructure" does not define when the project is complete.

Stefan mentioned writing a number of functions which can easily be counted:
- stubs for the functions to allow the app to create all the interfaces
- methods that have already 1:1 equivalents in wined3d
Will comparing that to the number of functions that actually get
written not be a good measure of progress?

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