wined3d: Set wrapmode for cubemags to clamp regardeless of the sampler state

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Mar 11 07:53:54 CDT 2007

> I adapted a Directx9 HLSL tutorial to display a black cubemap with one
> white line on one edge of one side and visually (by hand or better to say
> by eye) confirmed that the line is not "mirrored" on the opposite edge.
I'd say the patch is fine. Anything else but clamp to edge does not make sense 
for cube maps anyway, considering how the location of the pixel is 
calculated[1]. The only way I can imagine that a texture coordinate gets > 
1.0 or < -1.0 is due to filtering.

So the patch has my blessing to go in, if any regressions occur then we can 
always add a test case. But I cannot think of any good way to test this, so I 
prefer to wait for an application to show up what can go wrong :-)

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