winedbg: Support longer thread names

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Mar 11 03:14:26 CDT 2007

Erich Hoover a écrit :
> Real Name:
>     Erich Hoover
> Description:
>     The thread name length in winedbg is currently restricted to 9 
> characters, this is not nearly long enough for debugging threads in 
> the Supreme Commander demo and results in character corruption on the 
> terminal.  Since this particular application names one of the threads 
> with the map path (Map loader /maps/scmp_019/scmp_019.scmap), a 
> significant increase in the number of characters is necessary.  This 
> patch ups the allowed thread name length to 100 characters and 
> null-terminates the string in case an application exceeds that 
> threshold value.
> Changelog:
>     winedbg: Support longer thread names
in that case, it would be better to dynamically allocate the string (and 
to create it by default at 5 bytes for the %04x value)
furthermore, you need to change the comment in debugger.h in 
THREADNAME_INFO structure about the name's length, as it seems VC7 
removed the restriction to 8 characters that existed in VC6

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