[2/3] comctl32: Never draw item text with OPAQUE.

Felix Nawothnig flexo at holycrap.org
Fri Mar 16 15:37:03 CDT 2007

(CCing wine-devel again)

Dimi Paun wrote:
>>Problem is that DrawText() for the subitems will also use the
>>background color - which is wrong.
> Why is it wrong?

Because the "background color" isn't the background color of the list. 
And it's definitly not the text bkclr in gdi-context either - I hacked 
together an app to prove that:


Now it seems getting rid of the OPAQUE completly is wrong, but for 
different reasons.

> It seems to me that this is a bit of a problem:
> 3783     if (nSubItem == 0 || (cdmode & CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW))
> 3784         prepaint_setup(infoPtr, hdc, &nmlvcd);
> 3785
> 3786     /* in full row select, subitems, will just use main item's colors */
> 3787     if (nSubItem && uView == LVS_REPORT && (infoPtr->dwLvExStyle & LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT))
> 3788         nmlvcd.clrTextBk = CLR_NONE;
> I guess the call to prepaint_setup should come _after_ the if

Depends. Right now this code does nothing (and I was going to remove it 
anyway) - the only place where clrTextBk is read from is in 
prepaint_setup() - but prepaint_setup() is not called for subitems (and 
the CLR_NONE override is only done for subitems).

> Also, I can't remember, but there was a reason why prepain_setup
> was called just for the main item, why did you changed that?

Because subitems can use different colors (see test app) and 
prepaint_setup() is where the colors are set up...

Note that I don't change the notifications being passed or anything of 
their context (with the exception of the GDI context in the postpaint 
notification - but the GDI context should be saved & restored in between 
anyway, see the failing test I commited a few days ago) so I can't 
imagine how this could break anything.


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