Prompts on what to do next after an install

James Hawkins truiken at
Fri Mar 16 19:19:48 CDT 2007

On 3/16/07, Tom Spear <speeddymon at> wrote:
> I just came across another idea that might be nice, and would be
> trivial to accomplish
> After running ./configure the configure script tells you to run make
> depends && make
> After that, there is nothing telling you what to do..
> Obviously most users can figure out to run make install, but it would
> be nice to have a prompt to say "Now it is time to install wine by
> running 'make install' as root"

If most users know what to do, what's the point of spamming them?
Also, not everyone wants to install after a build.  A lot of people
run wine from the build tree.  If a user is not familiar enough with
the standard source build process to know that he should 'make
install', then he should probably be installing from rpm in the first

> Then after that is complete, and this is where I always forget, a
> prompt to run wineprefixcreate and winecfg would be nice, because that
> seems to cause several duplicate and unnecessary bugs to be filed.
> Obviously the user should read documentation, but once you have read
> it you generally dont tend to read it again, and might forget
> something.  I forget to run both wineprefixcreate and winecfg nearly
> every time I do a clean reinstall of wine because it isnt part of a
> normal build routine for most linux apps to have to do this..

Running winecfg/wineprefixcreate isn't a part of the build routine,
and I've never seen a build routine that said, now run our application
using 'xyz'.  This is the same thing.  It doesn't even make sense in
the first place though.  If you run wine and there is no existing
directory at WINEPREFIX, then wineprefixcreate is run automatically.
If the user already has a directory at WINEPREFIX and they run
wineprefixcreate, nothing happens.  So in either one of these
situations, telling the user after they've built wine to run
wineprefixcreate will not make a difference.

> I could write up patches for this but I'm taking off for the weekend
> and wont have access to my linux machine till monday morning, and also
> I dont know enough about automake and autoconf to be able to write
> that stuff in.
> --
> Thanks
> Tom
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James Hawkins

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