WineCfg and DirectX options

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Mar 19 08:07:59 CDT 2007

> Hi,
> implementing GLSL checkbox, OffScreenRenderingMode dropdown menu and
> VideoMemorySize textbox into winecfg would be easy.
GLSL is OK IMO, because some drivers(*cough* macos *cough*) have serious 
problems with glsl. It could be included into the shader dropdown box. The 
issue that needs to be dealt with is that we can't combine arb vertex shaders 
and glsl pixel shaders or vice versa.

Video memory size maybe too. There are vendor dependent ways to read it, but 
implementing them is pretty nasty(requires some private  to winex11.drv). 
Altough we had that discussion a number of times already and we only agreed 
on a registry key so far.

Offscreen rendering should have fbos fixed and made default, otherwise use 
backbuffer(not pbuffer because backbuffer with aux buffers is cheaper). I 
don't think it is a good idea to add it to winecfg	

I don't think render target locking should be configureable as is. That 
rendering should be fixed to catch NOP locks some games do(which does the 
same as glFinish() on windows).

What I have considered is some performance vs correctness slider. With 
decreased correctness things like render target locking or drawStridedSlow 
are disabled. If the correctness is decreased even more some properly 
implemented, but known to be expensive settings could be deactivated, like 
smooth shading, per pixel fog(ok. not sure if that is expensive). Windows 
drivers have such a setting, so why shouldn't we :-) . This slider could also 
cover some software emulated features like vertex blending(if we ever get 
Of course we shouldn't pollute the wined3d code with if(someSetting) 
statements either.

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