Link creation not working _properly_ under 2.6 kernel?

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Mon Mar 19 17:17:20 CDT 2007

On 3/19/07, Tom Spear <speeddymon at> wrote:
> > On 3/16/07, Vitaliy Margolen <wine-devel at> wrote:
> > > Tom Spear wrote:
> > > > I did some more checking into this just now.  I'm not sure why or how,
> > > > but when I installed Worms 2, it installed the menu entries properly.
> > > > So I uninstalled WinRAR and reinstalled it.  This time it created a
> > > > menu entry for WinRAR under the wine folder in the menu, but it isnt a
> > > > subfolder, like it should be and the other icons that should be in the
> > > > menu aren't there.  It appears that the winrar installer may be doing
> > > > something that other installers dont do....
> > > After install is finished you did run 'wineboot' right? As most
> > > installers create icons _first_ before anything else is installed.
> > >
> > > >
> > > > Anyone know of any debug messages I should run to try to narrow down
> > > > the problem?
> > > menubuilder would be helpfull. With the bug # where you should send all
> > > this information of course.
> > >
> > > Vitaliy
> > >
> I just uninstalled 0.9.32 (using the make directory for 0.9.32) and
> pulled and installed 0.9.33, removed ~/.wine, and drive_c as well as
> my desktop icons, and menu icons.
> On an unrelated note, oddly enough wine prompted me to install gecko,
> but when I said yes it did not install it and instead tried to
> initialize the one from my 0.9.32 install, which wasnt there...
> So anyways I get it all installed, run wineprefixcreate and winecfg,
> switch to my home directory, run wine with WINEDEBUG=+menubuilder
> ./wrar362.exe and install it.
> The Desktop icon appears like usual, but still no menu icons.  So I
> run WINEDEBUG=+menubuilder wineboot and still get no menu icons.  So,
> thinking that maybe the K Menu just needed to refresh, I rebooted the
> machine, and STILL get no icons..  So I looked into the
> drive_c/Program\ Files/WinRAR directory, and again there is the folder
> WinRAR (/mnt/d/Program\ Files/WinRAR/WinRAR) with all of the icons in
> it.. So I am still having my icons created in the Program files
> directory..
> Im taking a look into menubuilder now to see if I can find anything
> and will post back once the site is back up (which will be about the
> time you read this).  By that time I will also have a bug # (since I
> cant very well create a bug with bugzilla down too)..  The full
> +menubuilder trace is attached with comments inside the file, and the
> trace will also be attached to the bug for future reference..
> --
> Thanks
> Tom
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To add a bit more info, I just retried, again cleaning everything out
and rebuilding the environment with wineprefixcreate and winecfg.
This time however I created a symlink from
/mnt/d/windows/profiles/speeddy/Start\ Menu to

One of the .lnk files was put in the right place this time, and then
when I ran wineboot, it created the wine folder and the main shortcut
based off of that.

It seems (looking at my trace) that it's failing around line 917 (in
InvokeShellLinker), which basically checks the location of the lnk
file and if it isnt in a known location, such as Desktop, Start Menu,
Startup or the common version of such, then it fails and spits a warn.
 The odd thing is that that function should return a relative path
Assuming that my hunch is correct, if I comment out that part of the
call, then it should create the shortcuts in the proper location.  Of
course this would only work because I manually created the symlink for
Start Menu earlier, due to the next part which checks to see if the
links are under the start menu or desktop

The reason I see this failing is not due to a bug in the menubuilder
but due to a bug somewhere else in wine that causes the folder that
should go into the Start Menu to be put into Program Files\WinRAR..
So IMHO this bug is somewhere else.  I'll try running with +file and
see what I can come up with.



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