SoC idea: add BITS support

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Thu Mar 22 12:21:05 CDT 2007

On Thursday 22 March 2007 18:03, Jesse Allen wrote:

> > Go for it, people, only three days to do some more research on this. :)
> Is three days enough? How much are we really supposed to know before
> we apply for a project? If I take this idea for example, I don't know
> anything at all about it.

Well, when I applied for GSoC 2005, I hadn't really used Wine and had never 
heard of NTLM before. I read Andrew Bartlett's paper on GENSEC, and an MS 
paper on SSPI, and I applied with that. It worked. :)

I think that looking at the MSDN pages, noting down what external functions 
they call and then grep the Wine source for those would give you a pretty 
good overview about the external stuff needed. As BITS is COM-based, the 
internals are not that important, as long as you can keep up the interface 
contract. (Ok, testing with programs using the interface of course helps, 
never trust MSDN to be complete and/or correct.)

> However, for another idea I have, I have 
> some basic idea on the concepts behind it, I just don't know really
> know the API for it yet.  (And the ironic thing, I have only learned
> windows programming through wine). I think I'd prefer applying for
> something I got knowledge in. There is probably no way to be totally
> prepared or know everything about something, especially since if there
> was someone that did, then it would have already been done by now ;)

You don't need to know everything about the project you're applying for. This 
is SoC, not your M.Sc. thesis. ;)

If you have your own project idea, of course you can apply with that. I'd 
encourage you to get some feedback on the idea before applying, though.


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