SoC: improving Star Wars Empire at War support

Bryan DeGrendel sirnuke at
Thu Mar 22 13:33:07 CDT 2007

I have been thinking about a few different ideas for WINE/SoC.  One of the
official possible ideas is to improve a non-working application.

My proposal would be to improve WINE's support for Star Wars: Empire at War
(which currently has a garbage rating on both WINE [ ] and Cedega [ ]).  The
proposal's goal would be to provide a Windows-native level of support for
Empire at War, or at least improve Empire at War support to a playable

I would like a some feedback, if possible, before submitting.

1. Is this a weaker, or less useful to WINE, proposal because it would lead
to likely result in more bug hunting than feature writing?  This is quite a
bit more open ended than working on a specific WINE feature (such as Rich
Text Editing).

2. I do not know how much work will be needed to get the game working well.
Currently, it crashes while loading due to an audio bug, but it is possible
that I might only need to fix a few bugs to get the game to a playable state
(though I think this is unlikely, the game is seems very picky on Windows).
Would this be a problem?

Bryan DeGrendel
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