SoC Idea: Improve video support

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Mar 23 23:17:52 CDT 2007

"Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes" <alex at> wrote:

> I really want to participate in Google's Summer of Code, but I realize I don't
> have much time left to find a suitable project.  What I am thinking of is to
> improve Wine's capability of playing videos in games, first by fixing mciavi
> so it can play the Worms 2 intro films (bug 4256), and then hopefully
> progessing to fixing bugs in quartz/devenum, like crashes in Worms Armageddon
> or playback in WMP9.
> Is this too ambitious considering that I don't really have much experience
> with C and Wine? The
> closest I have gotten is some patches for Wine's WordPad implementation.

Very limited win32 programming experience might be a problem. If you intend
to fix the problems with AVI file playback you should be prepared to fix wide
range of things: winmm, msvf32, mciavi32 and any codecs involved. If you plan
to look at the WMP9 playback problems that goes further to quartz.dll and OLE


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