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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Mar 27 14:27:40 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel a écrit :
> On 3/27/07, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:
>> Hi Dan!
>> I was curious how the SoC thing proceedes from now. The application 
>> deadline
>> is now over, but who got the applications? Did you get them, or are they
>> reviewed internally by Google? Who will be in charge for accepting them?
> Google received about 23 applications for Wine SoC projects.
> It's now up to the Wine GSoC mentors to rank the
> projects.   See
> for the timeline.   The mentors have something like two weeks to do 
> the ranking.
> After that, Google will decide how many of the applications will be 
> funded.
> I'll be in touch with the mentors shortly...
> - Dan
29 if I count them right :-)

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