More Direct3D settings in winecfg (was: Enabling GLSL in winecfg)

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at
Thu Mar 29 05:25:31 CDT 2007


according to Stefan, Direct X options regarding 
 * Available Video Memory
 * Enable GLSL
will be useful in winecfg / Graphics section.

However there is still missing consensus to how and whether to
implement user accessible way to enable/disable GLSL in winecfg.
Ray Jones, Stefan and me would like this in winecfg. 

Please share Your opinion.

According to the discussion results, I'm going to add either only
Available Video Memory text input box, or both Memory and GLSL toggle
checkbox to winecfg.

Summary of previous discussion follows:

Available Video Memory (text input box)
User will input here the RAM size of his graphic card. According to
Stefan: "There are vendor dependent ways to read it, but implementing
them is pretty nasty(requires some private to winex11.drv). Altough we
had that discussion a number of times already and we only agreed on a
registry key so far."

Enable GLSL  (checkbox)
GLSL should be made default in 1.0. However, according to Stefan: "some
drivers(*cough* macos *cough*) have serious problems with glsl". Until
there is a specification in 1.0 requirements that these issues have to
be resolved prior 1.0, this checkbox would be useful even past 1.0.

Stefan Dosinger with H. Verbeet pointed out that this option should be
in Vertex Shader dropdown box, but after inspecting code, I've found
wouldn't blend well with the rest of Vertex Shader idea. This is due to
GLSL registry key differs from Vertex Shader registry key. Should they
be merged into one? Ivan Gyurdiev pointed out that GLSL can be both
enabled for hardware vertex shader and software vertex shader, so the
idea of merging GLSL with Vertex Shader dropdown box would result in two
menu options - 'GLSL with HW support' and 'GLSL with SW support'.

Another stance is to make GLSL enabled by default in next Wine versions.

Offscreen Rendering (dropdown box)
Default option will be 'fbo', optional is backbuffer. Stefan doesn't
consider it worthy adding to winecfg.


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