Cross-Library tests, tests using multiple processes

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Mar 30 12:26:21 CDT 2007

Screen resolution setting in DirectX games is still a huge mess. I want to fix 
it properly finally. Write tests to find out what really happens in windows, 
then implement it.

Unfortunately that fails at the tests already. Our test framework is mainly 
limited to test single DLLs, and all tests I have been used to so far were in 
one single process. I would have to test what happens if there is one process 
requesting exclusive ddraw access and once process requesting explusive d3d9 
access at once, and maybe a third process doing a screen resolution change, 

Is there a way to write a test accross multiple libraries? I guess it is not 
hard to do, but it would look a bit bad if a ddraw test started using d3d9 
directly. And is there a prefered way to spawn new processes and do 
communication between them? (Windows IPC I guess).
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