tools/winegcc solaris link options patch

Ben Taylor sol11x86 at
Thu May 3 16:18:01 CDT 2007

Please comment on this patch:

This patch adds two options to toool/winegcc to allow Solaris linker flags to be 
passed through and recognized.

Prior to this patch, libraries compiled with winegcc (despite overloading every
link related env variable I could think of), had a single RPATH when evaulated
with elfdump (which was the primary library from the compiler).  The effect
was that I was required to set an LD_LIBRARY_PATH prior to running any of
the wine applications, since the RPATH was not fully populated.

With this patch, and proper configuration of LDFLAGS, I am now able to
build wine on Solaris without having to resort to an LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
when I run wine.

The two flags that are added to winegcc.c are:

-R <libdir>

-z <linker flags>

(-z allows me to control the link phase a little better for performance reasons).

Thanks to Steleman who quickly recognized the problem, despite the facts
were staring me in the face.

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