Tom Spear speeddymon at
Mon May 14 11:44:25 CDT 2007

Hi all, just wanted to know if anyone would _mind_ helping me with my
(small) todo list.  I know I've been somewhat of an annoyance lately,
and for that I sincerely apologize.  I'd really like to get the wine
uninstaller program up to speed with the patch I have been working on,
but it is not going as I had hoped.  One person offered to review my
patches, but I am admittedly impatient sometimes (I haven't been able
to get a response from him since Thursday, and I had hoped for one by
Friday night), and all in all, I just dont like having something so
small take so long.

I am making changes to code I didn't intend to change, which I don't
mind doing, but then when I make the change, I get told to do it 3
different ways, and none of the ways I submit gets committed, even
after being told that it looks ready to go in.

I'd like someone who is really in touch with what Alexandre is looking
for to help me.  I only have 4 patches, all less than 50 lines each to
get this thing in, and I will be done submitting patches for a while,
until I learn more about the code (maybe months or even years)..

I will take whatever advice is given me (unless it is to not bother
with the patch), and really appreciate the help.

If you dont mind helping me, please post a note on my bug about the patch



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