review: add Video Memory text input to winecfg Graphics/Direct3D tab

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at
Wed May 16 08:59:06 CDT 2007

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 03:18:22PM +0200, Laurent Vromman wrote:
>  		case CBN_SELCHANGE: {
>  		    SendMessage(GetParent(hDlg), PSM_CHANGED, 0, 0);
>  		    switch (LOWORD(wParam)) {
> -		    case IDC_D3D_VSHADER_MODE: on_d3d_vshader_mode_changed(hDlg); break;
> -		    }
> +                case IDC_D3D_VSHADER_MODE: on_d3d_vshader_mode_changed(hDlg); break;
> +                case IDC_VIDEOMEMORY_SIZE_COMBO: set_from_videomemory_size_changed(hDlg); break;
> +            }
> I believe you should align your indentation method on the one the file already uses (ie tabs, not spaces).
> +// vim:sw=4:expandtab
> This has nothing to do with wine
> Laurent

Hi Laurent
citing from:
	"Tabs are not forbidden but discouraged. A tab is defined as 8
	characters and the usual amount of indentation is 4 characters." 

and from:
	"Don't mix tabs and spaces because it makes the diff output
	unreadable, use consistent indentation."

The actual file contents breaks both citations above, my code doesn't
conflict with any one of them.

For vim footer, I agree it shall not be present. If the only comment
regards formatting, I'm happy and I can fix the formatting as You wish.


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