New winetricks: add support for Red Hat's liberation fonts

mark cox melbournemark+wine-devel at
Thu May 24 21:12:15 CDT 2007

> I added them to winetricks so people could experiment with
> > them (slightly) more easily.
> > - Dan
> I'm pretty sure the proper place for these fonts is as a separate distro
> package - perhaps one that Wine can depend on.
> If the liberation fonts aren't yet being packed up in Ubuntu, I'll see
> about adding a new package for them.

Scott, That wasn't what i was thinking when i suggested it to Dan. If users
tests the fonts with wine, which they can now do using winetricks, i was
hoping that the font names could be remapped/hacked so that the names of the
mscorefonts map to the redhat fonts. If that is successful, the fonts could
be included in wine and we wouldn't need mscorefonts anymore.
- mark
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