CMD.EXE patchset 1->6

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at
Fri May 25 14:19:26 CDT 2007

>I believe what is happening is that the WineHQ mail server only accepts 
>one SMTP connection at a time. This will probably reject half the 
>messages sent by your mail server. Then they will get resent after a 
>short period of time, but in batches so more messages will get rejected 
>and then resent after a longer period of time, and so on until all the 
>messages have been sent.

>What probably sets your mail server apart from the gmail servers, for 
>example, is that gmail probably sends out each message individually, 
>rather than batching it with other messages bound for WineHQ.


(Sorry - been away for 2 weeks so just catching up)

Maybe Demon are caching, I don't know if I can tell - files do turn up
eventually. I've just set up msmtp so I can send my emails in through a
gmail account instead, so I'll give that a try

Alexandre - How does the email address get into the change log, is it a
manual process or by hand. Ideally I'd like my main email address to be the
one in the Changelog, rather than the gmail one which is purely to see if it
resolves the problems I am having sending in patchsets - Is there any way I
can make this easy for you?


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