shdocvw question

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sat Nov 3 20:26:11 CDT 2007


I dont know about ole32 stuff.
I think we should not remove the stuff, you have just removed.
rather it would be better if there is null check for it, and decrease
reference count.

I really dont know about ole32 stuff.

On 11/3/07, Allan Tong <actong88 at> wrote:
> The attached patch should fix the crash in bug #6120, but I'm afraid I
> don't understand enough to know if the patch is correct or not.  The
> code that the patch removes was setting the client site pointer to
> NULL.  A later dereference on that pointer causes the crash.  I guess
> I don't understand why the client site pointer is being explicitly set
> to NULL.  Shouldn't Release handle that when the reference count
> reaches zero?
>  - Allan

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