#winehq admin troubles

darckness cyrix12 at cox.net
Mon Nov 5 03:26:29 CST 2007

>> I agree that this isn't something that should continue. Kicking
>> should be reserved for people being disruptive. There is no reason
>> to be anything other than polite to users asking for help.
>> Allowing this kind of behavior to continue reflects poorly on us as a
>> community. I'd like to suggest that this be the last time we hear
>> about issues like this. If it happens again I'd like to propose a
>> graduated scale of irc channel bans, starting at one month, for
>> Vitamin.
>> Chris  
>I hope this is a joke! There is absolutely nothing wrong with they way
>Vitamin handles himself in #winehq. When these people come crying to
>wine-devel they leave out about 98% of the facts, 100% of the time.

I don't write in to wine-devel often, nor am I a developer, but I
completely agree with Tom on this one.  The amount of bad information
given out by users to other users in #winehq is positively staggering,
and I cannot fault Vitamin at all for the way he acts.  The fact
that he stays in that channel to try and help people after all the crap
he has to deal with is incredible.

If you come to #winehq with a question and a helpful attitude, Vitamin
will usually do his best to try and troubleshoot the issue, and he is
quite cordial while doing it.

If, however, you come in with a know-it-all attitude and try arguing
with him or giving out tips which are known to be erroneous, you do not
belong in #winehq until you can control yourself.  I've seen this happen
countless times, and people who get kicked never seem to understand
that they fit this negative, unhelpful mold all too well.


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