#winehq admin troubles

Tom Wickline twickline at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 13:33:13 CST 2007

On 11/5/07, Marcel Partap <mpartap at gmx.net> wrote:
> > If people really are expected to know everything there is to know
> > before they try to help, is it really such a wonder that there's only
> > a few solid contributors left, and they're stressed from it?
> Absolutly not. That's why imho, the #winehq should be taken off the homepage. The newly created wine-forum.org has
> multiple advantages over an IRC chan:
> - frequently asked questions can be easily found avoiding duplicates (this depends on good moderation of forum hierarchy
> though, probably an approval queue)
> - people having questions actually have to THINK before asking, instead of just opening up IRC and start bubbling
> - of course moderators have more time to THINK before actually replying, too
> - rules for civil communication and about form of inquiries can more easily be enforced
> (Just thinking about it, the Drupal issue system has some nice features too, f.e. attribute fields for each post like
> status, version, type of request and so on)
> Of course this would need active forum herdsmen.. but it is probably less dissatisfying than directly confronting the
> totally clueless in realtime.. and I for one would definitly volunteer (although I have just started coding WINE) as a
> moderator.. the more the better though.. Mr Wickline, what's your take on that?

Hello Marcel,

Everyone is welcome to register and use the forum, any Wine developer
or advanced user who wants Moderator status on the forum only needs to
send me a mail and ill set it up. I can set Moderator status on a per
forum basis. So be sure to let me know what forums your interested in
helping out in.



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