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Actually, Dan, I disagree. I don't think he needs to be taken off the
'frontlines' at all. I don't even think his ops permissions need to be taken
away, at least not yet. I think it's #winehq which needs to be taken care
of. We could ban Vitamin off the face of the internet, but that's not going
to fix anything. However, adding rules and conditions to the channel might.
First of all, if there are rules in place for how admins should act, it is
fairer for everyone. Admins don't get banned or de@'d for things they didn't
think were a problem, and users don't get banned or kicked for things they
didn't think were problems. In addition, a set of rules would increase
efficiency, as it could get better answers from users, and quicker, more
accurate replies from others; which apart from being nicer on users, would
also be less stressful for people supporting them. Lastly, and I think the
best benefit to rules, is that they somewhat 'dehumanize' the banning
process, if they're made correctly. Admins would know precisely when they
can or cannot ban someone, so they do not have to worry about getting in
trouble over it, and users have no one to be angry at but themselves when
they are removed by force.

Even simple rules could help. For example, add the following to the IRC page
of appdb, and link to that instead of the FAQ in the channel topic:

Rules for #winehq:
1. Before you do anything, read the FAQ.
2. After that, check the appdb and google to see if anyone has already had
your problem.
3. If you find nothing after an honest effort of searching, try #winehq, and
ask your question as follows:
a. Phrase your question in the best English you can (no chtspk, please), and
describe the problem as thoroughly as possible.
b. Include any information that may be of help, such as OS/distro, wine
--version, things you've already tried, <other thelpful info here>
4. After you have asked, be patient. #winehq is made up entirely of
volunteers, and even if someone who wants to help might not know what to do
in your case. On the other hand, someone who does might get annoyed by your
antics, and ignore you anyway.
5. Again, remember #winehq is made up of volunteers. Please do not mistreat
them, or you may be kicked at an admin's discretion.
6. If an admin asks you to stop doing something, please stop doing it. If
you do not, you may be kicked.

That would be simple and quick enough for any user who is going to get a
reply anyway. The admin rules would need to be a bit more complex (how to
try to treat people, what they can't ask people to stop doing, when they can
break out the banhammer), but not very much so.

This also has the benefit of any action taken against @s being purely a 'you
broke the rules' decision, instead of a 'convicted in the court of public
opinion' covering-of-#winehq's-ass.
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