Valgrind results for Oct 8: lots of hangs?!

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Nov 8 20:26:52 CST 2007

Data online at

For some reason, today I had to do 'wineserver -k'
about five times (yesterday and the day before
only once).  And one of those times was during
a d3d9 test which took over / hung the screen; not
even ctl-alt-backspace helped, I actually had to reboot
(I didn't try ssh'ing in).  Running the tests was like
pulling teeth.

That said, here are the changes in the list of bad tests;
- means test didn't show any valgrind errors today but did yesterday,
+ means it did show valgrind errors today but not yesterday.

-vg-d3d9_visual.txt  (might be one I had to reboot for)

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