Valgrind results for Oct 8: lots of hangs?!

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Nov 9 09:29:22 CST 2007

Am Freitag, 9. November 2007 03:26:52 schrieb Dan Kegel:
> Data online at
> For some reason, today I had to do 'wineserver -k'
> about five times (yesterday and the day before
> only once).  And one of those times was during
> a d3d9 test which took over / hung the screen; not
> even ctl-alt-backspace helped, I actually had to reboot
> (I didn't try ssh'ing in).  Running the tests was like
> pulling teeth.
> That said, here are the changes in the list of bad tests;
> - means test didn't show any valgrind errors today but did yesterday,
> + means it did show valgrind errors today but not yesterday.
Do you have time to do a regression test for the patch that broke the d3d9 
test? The most suspicious patch is 
b4b10d8bc2d6c7a9191898d3a03420bdcae9c6f2 . Finding the patch might give some 
hints to the X server crashes on Mesa drivers.

The d3d9:visual failures are gone, but I think this is because the test didn't 
run to completion. This patch fixes a memleak, but a few other memleaks are 
still left.
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