Valgrind results for Oct 9: still lots of hangs

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Nov 9 19:27:24 CST 2007

Hi Dan,

Did the d3d9 test crash again? Or did it run this time?

> Results for today's git (plus my dde patch) are online at
> ole32/tests/marshall.c has always been hanging
> when run under valgrind.   In the last two days,
> the following additional tests hang under valgrind:
>  mshtml/tests/dom.c
>  mshtml/tests/htmldoc.c
>  ole32/tests/marshal.c
>  shdocvw/tests/webbrowser.c
> I can reproduce one hang with
>   cd dlls/mshtml/tests
>   make testclean
>   wineserver -k
>   RUNTEST_USE_VALGRIND=1 make test
> (with the wine-vg-utils.patch I provide.
> Make by itself does not behave well under valgrind,
> so you can't just do "valgrind make test").
> Sadly, I don't have time to do a regression test, but
> it's pretty easy to repeat my results.  See
> It'd be nice if somebody else verified that
> these hangs occur for them too, that they didn't
> occur with wine-0.9.48, and maybe
> did a regression test to find out when they started...
> - Dan
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