Window decorations missing on Compiz/Debian Etch

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu Oct 4 10:09:37 CDT 2007

Michael Jung wrote:
> since a couple of weeks all wine GUI applications are missing the window 
> manager decorations on my Debian Etch box with the Compiz window 
> manager. I did'nt get to doing a bisect until today. The problematic 
> patch seems to be:
> ---
> commit ac98e0c07535af4a373c0af343498903e2ff42a6
> Author: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>
> Date:   Mon Aug 20 22:06:33 2007 +0200
>     winex11: Switch windows to managed mode in SetWindowPos instead of 
> at creation time.
> ---

It seems that the added "data->whole_window" check in the expression 
used to decide if a window has to be switched to managed mode causes 
this problem for me.

data->whole_window is set in create_whole_window at window.c:1002
create_whole_window is called from X11DRV_CreateWindow at window.c:1292

data->whole_window is tested in X11DRV_SetWindowPos at winpos.c:251
X11DRV_SetWindowPos is called form X11DRV_CreateWindow at window.c:1287

Thus, it seems to me that this check happens before "data->whole_window" 
is initialized. Removing this check (as in the attached patch) resolves 
the issue for me. But this does not seem to be the correct solution, 
since the root desktop window is now flagged as "managed", which does 
not have any impact (at least for me), but which seem logically incorrect.

Michael Jung
mjung at
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