Window decorations missing on Compiz/Debian Etch

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Oct 9 07:29:07 CDT 2007

Michael Jung <mjung at> writes:

> It seems that the added "data->whole_window" check in the expression
> used to decide if a window has to be switched to managed mode causes
> this problem for me.
> data->whole_window is set in create_whole_window at window.c:1002
> create_whole_window is called from X11DRV_CreateWindow at window.c:1292
> data->whole_window is tested in X11DRV_SetWindowPos at winpos.c:251
> X11DRV_SetWindowPos is called form X11DRV_CreateWindow at window.c:1287
> Thus, it seems to me that this check happens before
> "data->whole_window" is initialized. Removing this check (as in the
> attached patch) resolves the issue for me. But this does not seem to
> be the correct solution, since the root desktop window is now flagged
> as "managed", which does not have any impact (at least for me), but
> which seem logically incorrect.

That's just hiding the problem. If the window manager doesn't
reevaluate the wm hints when the window is mapped, many things won't
work. That's really a Compiz bug IMO.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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