Make test drill, next steps, call for help with Winetest

Paul Vriens at
Fri Oct 19 11:02:05 CDT 2007

Jeremy White wrote:
>> Why can't you just run the winetest executable under Wine? Or do you mean you've 
>> changed some of the tests and want to see the results immediately?
> Because that's not logically correct.  I am trying to run a regression
> test on my current source tree.  It *may* be identical to the one most
> recently used to build winetest.exe, but it is not certain.  And shouldn't
> runing be exactly the same as running winetest.exe, just
> skipping a cross compilation step?
I've basically done the same but only to be able to create a new winetest 
executable for windows. The winetest.exe that's available on is a bit different from 
the you have in your own tree (mostly resources).

I gave it shot and came a bit further:

- go to <wine>/programs/winetest
- create a, build.nfo and tests.url
- run 'make dist'
- run 'wine'

When you now run the test it will a create a proper report file with one 
important lack: the CVS version number of the tests files (have a look in the 
produced "tests.rc" file).

dissect (part of the 'infrastructure') will choke on that as it 
expects something like x.yy

So no success here either. We can tweak 'dissect' but that you will mean we have 
  all tests in one view and potentially comparing apples and pears/oranges.

Any other ideas?


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