Phoronix: Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

L. Rahyen research at
Sat Oct 20 04:51:00 CDT 2007

On Saturday October 20 2007 09:28, Stephan Rose wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 09:21 +0000, L. Rahyen wrote:
> > But I think there is some people with dual boot configuration and modern
> > PC who has some games to test and enough free time to compare the results
> > between Windows and Linux.
> I can go ahead and try to install Supreme Commander and see if I can get
> it updated to the latest version. The auto-updater uses the .Net
> Framework so that makes it a little difficult.

	For .net support in WINE you can run "winetricks mono12" (you can get 
winetricks at ). Anyway, testing the latest 
version of the game isn't very important, only important thing is to test 
same version of the game on Windows and WINE.

> But, it has a performance test / benchmark mode I could run to do some
> comparisons.
> Stephan

	It would be great. Don't forget to provide information about hardware 
configuration used for testing, version of WINE and video drivers along with 
FPS on Linux and Windows.

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