crypt32: Remove a test because of a Windows 2003 SP1 bug

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Thu Oct 25 16:35:47 CDT 2007

> The test being removed is correct and valid.

Are you certain?  Remember that I wrote it ;)

> While a 100% pass rate is ideal, on Windows 2003 SP1 that test *is*
> failing due to a bug.

Again, are you sure?  Or are you just saying that because I said it is
in the commit?  The definition of "bug" is sort of fluid here.  I
wrote the test to check a fairly strange phenomenon:    a cert that is
time valid is asked for its issuer, which happens *not* to be time
valid.  The time valid flag is cleared in the process.  It's not
entirely clear which cert the flag is supposed to apply to, and the
result surprised me when I wrote the test.

I call it a bug because the behavior is one way on Windows 2003 SP1,
but different on XP.  It could be that it was in fact a bug in Windows
XP, which was fixed in Windows 2003, but reverted because some app
depended on the behavior.

Furthermore, this function (CertGetIssuerFromStore) has been
deprecated in favor of CertGetCertificateChain, which I have
implemented and tested rather extensively.  There appears to be no
disagreement over which cert the time valid flag applies to with

So I'm not sure that I share your reservation about removing the test.

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