Trying to submit my first patch

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  Thanks for the quick response. The fastcall assembly I actually copied
from another DLL (I think it was in ntoskrnl.exe or ntdll.dll.) There
should probably be a standard place for the fastcall macros instead, but
I didn't see one off hand. If you happen to know a good place to put
them I can always clean that up and submit a new patch. It is too bad
that the fastcall conventions aren't standardized between the various
compilers so we have to force the windows ones though.

  -- Chris Wulff

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Date: Monday, October 29, 2007 7:18 pm
Subject: Re: Trying to submit my first patch
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> Hi Chris,
> > So I tried to submit a patch (to the patch mailing list) a few 
> days ago
> > and got no response (or acceptance), so I'm guessing I need to do
> > something different. It is just a few simple stubs for functions 
> needed> to get RO2 (a game) running.
> >
> > The original email is attached. If anyone could tell me what I 
> did wrong
> > it would be appreciated.
> Two small things:
> 1. You're right, you don't need to include changes to the ChangeLog,
> they're generated from git commits anyway.
> 2. Please include your name in your emails.  This one does (thanks)
> but the patch email should as well.
> Aside from that, I'm guessing the hal patch just looks ugly due to the
> wacky calling convention and assembly, so you might wait for feedback
> from Alexandre on that.  If you don't hear anything, ask again in a
> couple days ;)
> Thanks for contributing,
> --Juan

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