Trying to submit my first patch

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Oct 29 18:18:06 CDT 2007

Hi Chris,

> So I tried to submit a patch (to the patch mailing list) a few days ago
> and got no response (or acceptance), so I'm guessing I need to do
> something different. It is just a few simple stubs for functions needed
> to get RO2 (a game) running.
> The original email is attached. If anyone could tell me what I did wrong
> it would be appreciated.

Two small things:
1. You're right, you don't need to include changes to the ChangeLog,
they're generated from git commits anyway.
2. Please include your name in your emails.  This one does (thanks)
but the patch email should as well.

Aside from that, I'm guessing the hal patch just looks ugly due to the
wacky calling convention and assembly, so you might wait for feedback
from Alexandre on that.  If you don't hear anything, ask again in a
couple days ;)

Thanks for contributing,

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